The Department of Czech Language offers a wide range of degrees:

– Czech Language and Literature (Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree)

– Teaching Czech Language and Literature for Secondary Schools (Master’s degree)

These degrees are offered in conjunction with the Department of Czech Literature and Literary Criticism

– Czech Language (doctoral degree – Ph.D.)

– International students – mainly participating in the Erasmus exchange programme – can attend Czech language courses for foreigners.


In addition to teaching, the Department’s other main activity is linguistic research. Research is carried out as part of various projects, e.g., GAČR, NAKI, and in collaboration with universities, professional associations, and other organizations in the Czech Republic and abroad.


The Department’s main research activities are focused predominantly on

– onomastics (socioonomastics, political and literary onomastics, theory of proper names, place names research)

– quantitative linguistics (quantitative text analysis, quantitative syntax and versology)

– slang and argot