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Conference ACTA60 postponed

Dear colleagues,

I have to inform you that because of the coronavirus, we have decided to take the following steps:

  1. it is not possible to hold the conference in April 2020;
  2. preliminarily, we would like to postpone the term of the conference to the first week of October 2020 (5th–7th);
  3. around 15th August 2020, we will send you the final decision about the conference organization, or its cancellation – I hope we will choose the former;
  4. the deadline for submitting your papers to the reviewing process of Acta onomastica will be postponed – please, follow https://kcj.osu.cz/.

I hope that during the next months, the situation will become better, and we will win the fight against the COVID-19. The first step is to stop its spreading. This is the reason for this decision.

Thank you for understanding the situation. We apologize for complications.

Best wishes

Jaroslav David

11. 3. 2020