Czech Language and Culture (KCJ/CECIN)

The course Czech Language and Culture (KCJ/CECIN), which takes the form of practical tuition, acquaints international students (non-native speakers of Czech) with the basics of the Czech language, Czech history and culture. 

During language lessons attention is focused on basic grammar, phrases, specific features of Czech orthography, pronunciation and vocabulary and specific issues about the orientation in the Czech Republic (signs, menu, timetables etc.). 

The course also covers topics from Czech history and culture; attention focuses on the way of life in the Czech Republic, and in Ostrava as well. During the course there are also made guided tours. 

Teaching is in both English and in Czech (mostly language practice lessons). 

The course will take place in the classroom G302, Mlýnská Street, Faculty of Education, on 19-21 September, 2018.

Contact:  Zdeňka Suchá, email:


The deadline for the application was on 17 September 2018.