Summer School


2 July – 23 July, 2018


Czech Summer School is organized by the Department of Czech Language, Faculty of Arts, University of Ostrava.

We offer a 21-day course of the Czech language for foreigners (4 lessons/day) with many activities and a friendly atmosphere.

The lessons are focused on practical language and communication skills for students, teachers and foreigners permanently living in the Czech Republic, and all others who want to improve their command of Czech as a foreign language.

The courses will take place at two levels: beginners and pre-intermediates (at least 6-8 people in each group).

The language of communication is English. All classes are taught by university teachers.

The course will take place 2–23 Jul 2018.

Deadline for registration and payment is 30 April 2018.

The minimum number of participants is six. If the number of candidates is lower, the Summer School will be cancelled and the money will be refunded to your account. We will inform you in advance of this fact.

If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact Zdeňka Suchá.



□ Four Czech lessons every morning (Mon–Fri)
□ Afternoon lectures on Czech language, culture and history
□ Screenings of Czech films
□ Multicultural evenings
□ Two trips from Ostrava
□ An excursion to the Dolní Vítkovice industrial site

At the end of the course, you can visit one of the largest European festivals Colours of Ostrava (18–21 Jul 2018). (The ticket price is not included in the rate.)



It is available at the Jan Opletal university dormitory, in triple rooms with shared bathrooms. The faculty and the city centre are approximately 5 minutes by trolleybus or 20 minutes on foot from the dormitory.


About Ostrava

All participants will receive a certificate recording the attended language course. Successful university students will get ECTS credits, which can be recognized by their home university in following subjects:

□ KCJ/CIACA Czech Language for Academic Purposes, 2 ECTS credits
□ KCJ/CICUL Czech Culture, History, Customs and Traditions, 2 ECTS credits
□ KCJ/CIFIN Czech Language – Final Exam, 5 ECTS credits
□ KCJ/CIGRA Czech Grammar, 2 ECTS credits
□ KCJ/CIPHO Czech Phonetics and Pronunciation, 2 ECTS credits
□ KCJ/CIREA Reading and Writing Czech Texts, 2 ECTS credits


Participation fee: 27,000 CZK/1,000 EUR

The aforementioned price includes:
□ Tuition
□ Textbook and study materials
□ Accommodation (1-31 July 2018)
□ Breakfasts
□ Trips and the excursion
□ Social events

You can also choose the option without accommodation for 22,000 CZK/815 EUR.

Deadline for registration and payment is 30 April 2018.